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This past spring the children at APMS undertook a daunting project. ?Since so many of our families were beginning to plan their kitchen gardens, our classroom was abuzz with talk of building beds and starting seeds. ?Our little friends decided to offer to start the seeds for all the families, and tend for them until it was time to plant.

Scheduling the plants The process started with a survey of all the children in the class, asking what kinds of plants they usually grow in their garden, and what kind of plants they like to eat. ?Once they had a list, we selected seeds and began to plan when to start the planting.

Ben and Nate’s ?family loaned the class a three-tiered seed starting plant stand, and we were ready to go:

Plant stand

Once the calendar was drawn up, the children waited until the first date -a full 10 weeks before the last projected frost date!

IMG_0678As you can see, we were plenty busy before the snow had even melted outside! The children were very excited to watch their new seedlings grow, and attended to the daily duties of watering, rotating, and moving the cart into the sunshine with great gusto!

Once the seedlings were ready, we sent home lists of what plants were ready, and families submitted their orders. ?We had 12 varieties of tomatoes, most of them heirloom! Peppers, herbs, eggplants and flowers -we ran the gamut!


Orders were filled, and gardens started in most of the children’s homes.

Since we had a large number of plants left (we started with about 900 seedlings!) we decided to offer them for sale during the Richfield City Garage Sale.

Some of the families have already made Salsa and canned the produce from their garden. ?Sounds like we had bumper crops all around! What a delightful way for the children to bring their work home, and share with their families! ?Thanks to all the friends and families who purchased plants, and thanks to the children who worked so hard to make this happen.

We’ll be posting more pictures of the harvest as it happens -we’re already looking forward to repeating this project next Spring!
IMG_1917 DSC02850




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