Our Mission

Our mission at Augsburg Park Montessori School is to implement the philosophy, practices and curriculum of Dr. Maria Montessori and her method of education. To this end, we have prepared an environment that is engaging and responsive to each child at each stage of development.

Well educated teachers ensure a strong educational foundation for your child, facilitated in a safe, respectful and nurturing environment. A well-balanced community of children provide optimal opportunities for your child to establish meaningful peer relationships and establish membership in a community that cultivates helpfulness, joy and respect for each child.

Our vision for Augsburg Park Montessori School is to support the optimal development of the children in our care. Our commitment to excellence in education is realized with a strong partnership between school and family, for the benefit of each child. There are several components to our education efforts: education of staff, education of adults, education of the children and education of the greater Montessori community.