Parent Testimonials

Althea: Our two children, Leah and Ethan, started at APMS when they were 3 and 4. Ethan continued at APMS through his kindergarten year, and Leah will do the same. We could have put them into a local public Montessori school, but we kept them at APMS because of the quality of the relationships they had there, both with their classmates and their teachers. APMS provides a rich, warm atmosphere, where children learn to care for each other as they grow and explore their world. I have no doubt that our public schools can teach most children to read and figure quite well, but I’m not sure they foster a love of reading, a passion for learning, an innate drive for exploration — things that, once discovered at the start of a journey into education, never leave a child. Our children are now inexhaustibly curious about their world, and will be lifelong learners, because of their start at APMS.

Jennifer: The Montessori education that our children have received has set them up for development in all areas of their lives teaching them behavior/conflict resolution, manners, leadership and care of environment. Confidence and self-direction become the motivation for learning.

After witnessing the hushed tones and respect shown to their teachers and other children while they busily worked during a classroom observation, I was able to rest assured during my work day that they were receiving the best possible education in a nurturing environment. A parent’s peace of mind!

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